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A Leader in Children's Coloring (Colouring) & Activity Books
Design & Distribution.

Our Coloring and Activity Books are manufactured in the United States of America.
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          This is where you can sell your own coloring book, from 1 copy to 1 million.
Our company will provide editors, writers, artists... whatever it takes to help you publish or make a coloring book!
We work within your budget.

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Coloring Book Publishers offers a wide selection of coloring books in a variety of subjects and themes. The sizes of our coloring books range from our Really Big Coloring Books® that measure 17" x 23" to our smaller Travel Tablet Coloring Books® which are 5.5" x 8.5".


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You choose the topic and we will develop your new custom coloring book! We can help your group, organization or company promote, publish and even sell a custom coloring book! We offer to sell your book on our site as well.

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Have your own custom coloring book or in the process of creating one? You can sell it here.
            Do you have a coloring book in print? 
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We are the World's Coloring (Colouring) Book Source!
This is the World's Coloring Book Source where we invite editors, artists, teachers, parents & students to participate in the publishing of coloring books.
We Create, Design, Publish, manufacture and Sell different types of Coloring & Activity Books for Businesses, Schools, Groups, Individuals & the Government.
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