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The (Original) Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids! (8.5" x 11")

Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids
Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids

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Price: $4.99
Item Number: PP-TTP
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, ® Inc.
A high quality 32 page coloring book the Original Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids, written by Wayne Bell and published by Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. in 2010. This fantastic book has also been "re-branded' to allow other organizations to print their name and company information into the book and promoting the core messages of the book of accountability, fiscal responsibility, patriotism and American history.
This book represents an introspective on the true grass roots movement in America, The Tea Party.
A wonderful book of The Tea Party for Kids! Teaches children (and parents) about the origins of the Tea Party and what it involves dating back to 1773. A very pleasant song, coloring and activity book on Liberty, Faith, Freedom and so much more! Get involved, participate, self reliance, freedom of choice, work, government-of-for-by the people, Leadership, Ingenuity, Jobs and responsibility!
Thirty-two (32) pages in this Coloring Book, hours of coloring fun with games, puzzles, mazes and connect the dots, word search and many more games. This is a perfect 'Travel Size' coloring book on a plane, train or in an automobile.

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