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Pope Francis - Coloring & Activity Book (8.5"x11")

Pope Francis Coloring - Activity Book
Pope Francis Coloring - Activity Book
Price: $5.99
Item Number: SCB-POPE
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, ® Inc.
The Holy See Pope Francis Coloring & Activity Book

From the Latin word Pontifex comes the word Pontiff, which means bridge builder. This educational coloring and activity book was made for all ages and everyone; without regard to race, religion, heritage, status or location.

The Pope Francis Coloring and Activity Book is produced primarily by three non-Catholics; a Jew, an Anglo Saxon Protestant, a Lutheran and one Catholic. We are not missionaries, ministerial, or men of the cloth; only four sinners and we know it.

Our company Really Big Coloring Books® Inc. is impressed with the new Pope, and this book was made because we want to share with others. We compiled this book with integrity, respect, honesty and courage. Pope Francis has touched many people beyond Catholics. He is a “Pontiff – a Bridge Builder” and a man who brings hope and change into the lives of others. A humble man of the people, who understands peace, love, and the world as it really exists.

Used as a teaching and learning tool The Holy See Pope Francis Coloring & Activity Book is designed to be a fun educational activity book to help young children learn all about the Pope. Designed for young children of all ages and those who wish to learn and educate others on the Pope. With 28 pages of learning and entertainment, the book will certainly educate an entire classroom of students for many hours.

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ISBN: 978-1-61953-105-5
UPC: 8 22754 31055 2
8.5" wide x 11" tall
28 pages

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