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Welcome to home of some of the greatest coloring book products.

All products and material published by Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ( is protected under international copyright law. Written permission is required from our publishing department if you wish to reproduce any material produced or published by our company.

Requests to Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. are required to be made in writing, by mail or by fax. We cannot or will not grant permissions verbally or by e-mail request. In addition all requests are handled on a case by case non-rush basis. Submissions (RBCB) may accept inquires for submissions of original works on non-fiction, fiction, music, or poetry as it relates to coloring books. welcomes most all submissions to resell completed or published works. Due to a large number of submissions we regret that we cannot return any the materials submitted, please do not send original art requested to do so. We suggest you to send a sample of your book or photocopies of art and printed matter that may remain in our files indefinitely. The review process could be lengthy and we will contact only those whose work may be considered for publication.

Rights, Permissions & Inquiries

No part of any (RBCB) publication or materials, including web page, may be reproduced in any form or likeness by any means, including but not limited to mechanical or electronic means, including storage and retrieval systems, except in cases of critical reviews or articles, without express written permission in writing from it's publisher, RBCB's Inc. This message and any attached documents contain information which may be confidential. All requests to use or acquire rights to material should be emailed to our use, rights and permissions department at the listed address below.

If you wish to obtain permission to photocopy material for academic-educational use or for translation and reprint rights please contact: Copyright & Permissions Center

224 North Meramec Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63105
Phone: (314) 725-1452
Fax: (314) 725-3553

When submitting coloring book proposals we prefer a basic outline and sample pages or the entire book to the above listed address. 

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